Participant Rules & Guidelines

We ask for the support of our full-time campers, daily visitors and guests to review the following guidelines to help ensure everyone has an memorable, educational and an enjoyable experience at QuartzFest.

QuartzFest Participant Guidelines

At our QuartzFest gathering there are no participation fees, it's always FREE.  Also, camping is FREE for up to 14 days! To maintain this we must respect the rules and request of the Bureau of Land Management and a few other guidelines to ensure all participants have an enjoyable and safe experience.

a. If you do plan to camp, please check in to register with the camp host that is identified on the Driving Directions page and be sure to read their camping rules. If arriving after hours, and the camp host is not on duty, just proceed to QuartzFest Central (on the driving directions) but be sure to register with the host the next day.

b. Anyone wishing to conduct commercial activities must have a permit from the BLM. Our swap meet is for the exchange or sale of personal radio gear and items, not for the sale of new commercial products. Please respect this as it affects all of us.

c. Please keep you pets on a leash and supervise your children and pets. Many people gather at QuartzFest for the learning opportunities so we ask everyone to keep load noises and disruptions away from the seminar areas so participants can hear the discussions.

d. We are in a remote location, there are coyotes in the area, and they were here first. So please do not leave your pets unattended as they might draw the unwanted attention of coyotes.

e. In January it is unlikely you will come across a rattle snake or scorpion, however it is very important to remember that they are present year round. So, be mindful of watching where you are walking or if lifting anything off the ground. Please, no fake snakes on anybody's door steps... you might give one of the organizers a panic attack!

f. QuartzFest offer wonderful sunsets and star-gazing opportunities for many participants. To help us all enjoy the evening activities ad a full sky of stars we ask that everyone please turn off their bright lights after 9:00pm.

g. We ask that everyone be mindful not to display strobe lights. We try to reserve STROBE LIGHTS are for emergency locations only . No mast mounted strobes allowed, unless signaling you have an emergency in your unit .

h. Camping must be fully self-contained. However, you can schedule your RV for water and dump services at the Welcome Center. Please be sure to schedule the services by noon of the day before you need it. Please also pack your trash out. There is a dump in Quartzsite if needed.

i. No unattended fires, please.

j. Make sure your antenna guy lines have ribbons on them and please do not walk through other's camp sites.

k. Many daily visitors, even seminar leaders, have had to cut their visits short because the lack of comfort facilities. This year porta-potties will be available to help these guest stay longer. We are asking participants with RVs to use their own facilities so we can make these last so our other guests can stay longer and enjoy and support more of what QuartzFest has to offer.

l. Our days are filled with activities from sunrise to well after sunset each day. At the end of this many people want to enjoy good friends and discussions around the campfire or get some needed rest. So please respect our quiet hours, with not generator operation or loud noise, between 9:00pm and 7:00am.