QuartzFest Lodging

The best way to enjoy QuartzFest is to camp on site for the week sharing and building new experiences in amateur radio, camping and learning together. But if this is not possibile there are still many options!

QuartzFest Lodging Options

RV Camping

Bringing an RV or camping trailer to QuartzFest is a great way to enjoy all that QuartzFest has to offer. In fact, this is they way most people do participate, camping with their own RV or renting one for the week. All RVs must be 100% self-contained but there are also water and dumps services that you can schedule at the QuartzFest Welcome Center. Be sure to schedule your service before noon and the day prior to when you expect to need it. There are also many RV services available in the nearby town of Quartzsite if they are needed before, during or after QuartzFest.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is also another option. In january our days are warm and our nights can approach freezing. Sometimes we might also see some occassional wind and rain. If you are prepared for this then tent camping is a great way to experience QuartzFest. Porta-potties are available and water service can be schedule. Also, check into the Welcome Center on arrival to see if solar showers or other items are available for tent campers. Please be sure to read the "Preparing for QuartzFest" guide under the resources tab on this website.

Daily Visits

Daily visitors are also welcome at QuartzFest. There is no fee and no need to register with the BLM host, but please be sure to check in at the Welcome Center for a welcome package, free info and a QuartzFest Participant Card for your chance to win in any of our daily or grand prize raffles. This year the town of Quartzsite will also be offering transport services to and from QuartzFest. Cost is $3 per round trip and reservations should be made well in advance by calling 928-927-4333.

Local Hotels

January is the height of winter visitors traveling to this region so while hotels are available in nearby towns, they sometimes require reservations up to a year in advance. Closest is the town of Quartzsite, AZ about 5 miles away, then Blythe, CA about 25 miles away, and then Parker, AZ about 35 miles away. Check you favorite hotel reservation sites or contact us if you need assitance finding a hotel.


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