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A gathering of Amateur Radio Operators in RVs near Quartzsite Arizona..
an ARRL approved Operating Specialty Convention

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Quartzfest 2015
Founded in 1997, Quartzfest* 2015 will be our 19th year in existence.
Dates: January 18th thru 24th
Location: about 6 miles south of Quartzsite Arizona (T-Shirt Weather in the winter)
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Quartzfest* is a Ham Radio gathering in Quartzsite AZ during the RV show in January. Quartzfest is an 7 day event full of seminars and workshops on Ham Radio and operational techniques, Alternative Energy (mainly solar) and RV'ing…and to my knowledge is the only event of its kind in the world. Included in our schedule are seminars and classes (crafts, etc.) for those who attend but are not interested in gaining technical knowledge.

We strive to provide as many live demonstrations and "Hands On" seminars and workshops during the week as is possible. Quartzfest is held on BLM Land about 6 miles south of Quartzsite AZ at the "short term BLM" Road Runner area, right off of US 95. There are no utilities (power, water or sewer) and as such, folks attending for the 8 days have to already be pretty well self-sufficient. We have attendees who show up in trailers, motorhomes, tents, vans and one a couple years ago, in a tractor/trailer rig. The BLM will not allow any commercial activity on their land but welcomes our presentation of as much knowledge as possible. Likewise, BLM rules don't allow us to make one penny more than actual expenses incurred in planning and organizing and is FREE of charge for ALL to attend. We’re able to operate solely on donations from attendees.

This said, we are not a Club or Organization and have no officers, members or dues. Quartzfest is put on solely by its volunteer Organizer(s). As Quartzfest generates no money, our speakers and presenters for seminars and workshops all donate their time and expertise as well. Raffle gifts given away in our free daily raffle drawings are provided to us, as donations by radio and accessory manufacturers.

Our goal for Quartzfest every year is to teach as much as is possible in a short amount of time, not only Amateur Radio Operations, but also techniques to sustain individuals existence in the event of emergencies or disasters. To do this, during Quartzfest, we hold a number of Seminars and multiple session Workshops.

To be a part of all the fun, make sure you put Quartzfest* 2015 on your calendar now ‘cause you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Quarzfest Organizers
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Quartzfest is a user participation event! and each year we depend on folks like you to fill our seminar and event schedule.

  • Do you have an area of expertise that has to do with RV’ing, Amateur Radio, Alternative Energy, Prepping, or anything else that you’d like to do a presentation on?
  • Do you have any suggestions of other people who could do a presentation?
  • Do you have ideas and/or skills in coordinating games, teaching crafts or other activities?
  • Are there any topics that you’d like to see presented at Quartzfest in either a seminar or a workshop?
  • Do you have ideas on how to make Quartzfest* 2015 better than ever?

Please contact the 2015 Quartzfest* Organizers at so they can work your presentation or idea into the schedule. 

Every year there are repeats of some of previous year’s favorite presentations and of course quite a few new things too. Check out the Possible Programs here.

Please, everybody, bring firewood for the campfires! If everyone brings just a couple logs, we’ll have plenty to last the entire week.

Talk in on 146.55 FM simplex and look for us on APRS.

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