Safety Information

QuartzFest is a week-long ham radio, camping, learning and living event

QuartzFest Safety Reminders

We are in a desert camping environment and must remain cognizant that certain dangers exist. Below are some important things to remember:

1. Rattle Snakes are living among us. Watch your step!

2. Black Widow Spiders like to hide in dark places and Scorpions are commonly found in items left outside (especially shoes). LOOK before you stick your hand or feet in these items.

3. Although you may not hear them, Coyotes are all around us. Keep your dog on a leash and your cat inside so they don't serve as tasty morsels for critters native to the desert.

4. It gets very dark at night in the Desert. Uneven ground or small rocks can easily cause you to twist or break an ankle. Use a flashlight when you're out of your RV at night.

5. Carry a handheld radio with you in case you can't find you way back to your RV. Some in camp will monitor 146.55 Simplex, 11 meters channel 9 and FRS (channel TBA).

6. If you need to dial "911", tell the operator that you're at the Road Runner BLM in Quartzsite so they will route your call to the proper authorities. If you don't do this, Emergency Services will be looking for you in Yuma instead of Quartzsite.

7. If you have a handheld or portable mobile GPS unit, before you venture out from your RV, save your "Current Location" so you can find your way back. Take your GPS with you, especially when you're walking to and from our evenings Campfires.

8. If you're going to be carrying your GPS with you, remember to turn it off when you're at the campfire. The unit won't do you any good if its batteries are dead when you need it to get you home.

9. If possible, carry extra (fully charged) batteries in your pocket.

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