V.E. Testing

QuartzFest is a week-long ham radio, camping, learning and living event

QuartzFest V.E. Testing

If you're interested in getting your entry level Amateur Radio License (Technician License) or if you already hold a valid Amateur Radio License and would like to upgrade, a "Volunteer Examiner Coordinator" (VEC) and a team of "Volunteer Examineers" (VE) will be on site to implement an exam session. Please get to the testing site at least 15 minutes early so you have time to fill out the required paperwork. Form 605 will be provided.

Things you'll need to have with you:

• Photo ID
• Federal Registration Number (FRN)
• Copy (to surrender with your examination application) and original of your Amateur License
• $14.00 Examination Fee (CASH)
• Chair to sit in while you take your exam

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